Our services


SEA SIDE REAL s.r.o. is the only company in the Czech Republic that is able to offer the client the mediation of the purchase of real estate in the seaside area from the comfort of the Czech Republic, together with a Czech-speaking broker who will guide you through the entire sales process.

Our goal is to simplify and make the entire buying process as easy and pleasant as possible for the client, to clearly summarize the offer of all available real estate and to take all the necessary steps to make the subsequent sale in the seaside area as simple and understandable as possible for the Czech client.

From the comfort of our office in the Czech Republic, we are able to provide, for example, a video tour of the property and present the entire sales process to you in points.

Sales process

The interested party chooses from the offered real estate the one he would be interested in.
Interested party will connect with a real estate broker from the Czech Republic.
Interested party will arrange a meeting with a broker in the Czech Republic, where he will learn all the necessary information for a potential purchase.
The broker from the Czech branch will then connect with the broker from Croatia, who is in charge of the property you have chosen and will conduct a video tour with you.
You can then proceed to a personal meeting and tour of the property in Croatia, where you will have a choice of several options:
  • English speaking real estate agent
  • Croatian speaking real estate agent
  • German speaking real estate agent.
If it is not possible to carry out the tour in one of the above-mentioned languages, it is possible to make individual arrangements for a Czech-speaking broker to accompany you to Croatia.
We will connect you with a Czech-speaking lawyer in Croatia.
During the actual signing of the purchase contract, you will already be communicating with the company Dogma nekretnine d.o.o., which guarantees the implementation of all legal steps up to the registration on the title deed. Of course, all steps of the sale take place with the assistance of the Czech broker of Century 21.